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How Can You Reduce Your Utility Bills by Solar Energy!

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There has been a lot of talk about “How Can You Reduce Your Electricity Bills by Solar Energy” everywhere in the media, internet, and your friend circles through word of mouth. Yes, you are right! That is the new Mantra to reduce your electricity bills by harnessing the power of the sun; I mean Solar Energy.

Every month you probably use between 1000 to 2000 per 150 units of electricity sent to the electrical company, and generally extra in the event of you personally hold a big house with a larger electricity load.

You can produce some or the entire electricity that your property uses yourself by means of harnessing the power of the sun; I mean solar energy.

If you produce electricity yourself, your dwelling can use that as an alternative to buying it from the electrical company, which normally charges heavily as per the quantity you use. Every kilowatt-hour you produce is a kilowatt-hour that you just wouldn’t have to purchase, and there are a number of methods to make electricity by Solar Energy. How Can You Reduce Your Utility Bills by Solar Energy with Government Subsidy?

Lowering your utility bills means using solar panels to Harness the power of the Sun.

Solar panels have now become reasonably cheaper due to the productions of solar PV at a large scale. You can always contact an expert Solar Energy Consultant in your local area to get an analysis of your electrical bills so that your requirement for a solar power plant could be assessed on the basis of your consumption of electricity.

Normally a solar power plant equivalent to your sanctioned load would be sufficient to reduce your electrical bills to the tune of Ninety percent. For this, an On-Grid Rooftop Solar power plant could be installed with a string inverter and net metering facilities for which you would also be eligible for a 30% Solar Subsidy as decided by the Ministry of new and Renewable Energy i.e.

Since electricity needs an expert technician to handle to avoid any kind of untoward incident hence it is more or less becomes mandatory to always hire the service of Solar Energy experts, engineers, technicians whenever you want to install solar panels on your rooftops. Do not depend upon your local electrician since Solar Energy science, techniques and methodology is very different than the knowledge of a common electrician.

A common electrician may be good to install a battery and inverter at your house, however, for installation of solar power plants, you would always require the services of an expert engineer from the field of Solar Energy.

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Solar Energy Picture- Lowering your Utility Bills

The whole process would require online registration, application for subsidy, application for net metering, and submission of subsidy documents to district authorities as well as digitally online alongside the installation of solar power plants. You may like to install from 1 to 500 Kilowatt as per the sanctioned load of your house, institutions, schools, colleges, NGOs, Trusts, etc. More ways to lower your utility bills!

One kilowatt of the solar power plant is sufficient to produce 4 to 5 units every day and would save at least Rupees One Thousand per month. It would require 110 Square Feet of space per kilowatt for installation. Residential, Institutional users along with reputed NGOs Trusts are eligible for a solar subsidy to the tune of Rupees Twenty Thousand per kilowatt or 30% of the benchmark cost whichever is less.

The initial cost for installation of a solar power plant may be a little bit higher, however, in view of solar subsidies, bank loans, return of investment, and present solar tariff, it is highly recommended to go for solar panels installation at your home, business, malls, school, colleges, universities, institutions, NGOs or dwellings. Though commercial users, industries are not eligible for the solar subsidy, however, they may like to avail of grid-tied solar panel installation to reduce their electric bills along with benefits in tax to the tunes of 40% or as applicable as per the Government orders in vogue.

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