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Solar Battery?

You’re looking into a solar battery and your thinking great when the power goes down ill still have power! Well, that’s not the case necessarily. By just going Solar in most instances a homeowner doesn’t purchase or even consider battery storage to work in conjunction with their solar system.  What does this mean for Joe homeowner you ask? Their current solar system their panels, the microinverters, all this beautiful solar goodness on the roof are still tied to Big energy & their current utility provider. In some states like Virginia, most of the Utility Companies and Energy Cooperatives offer something called Dollar for Dollar net metering.

What is net metering you ask well you can read about net metering in Virginia in another one of our Solar articles? Essentially Joe homeowner who has a solar system is still tied into the “Grid”. Meaning any excess power they aren’t using or creating by the solar panels on their roof goes back to the utility company and they receive credit for that power.  So essentially most solar homeowners are still sending power back to the grid. This means when the grid goes down so does your Renewable energy photovoltaic solar system.  Reason being if let’s say a utility or power line goes down and your home is still shooting energy and solar-generated power back to the grid this can be a huge safety risk not only for the lineman but your neighbors as well. So how do you stop your solar system from not working in the event of an outage or “blackout”?

Batteries, batteries, batteries The keyword you guess is the battery. Now let’s say You install a beautiful photovoltaic solar system on your roof or with a solar ground mount. In conjunction with your new solar panels, you purchase a battery. Now when the grid goes down now instead of being dead in the water your panels are powering your battery and powering your home. In the solar industry, we call this a solar battery system or microcycle system. Essentially now you are your own micro utility. The solar panels are now powering the battery and the homeowner is now using the Solar Battery to power their home.

Now you thinking do I need a battery in conjunction with my new solar system? That answer can be a complicated one or a simple one the real question you need to ask yourself as you inquire about going solar. How often do I lose power or have blackouts or outages? So scenario #1 you live in an area outside the suburbs of Northern Virginia that has outages frequently which is 1-3 times a month. Then yeah you as a homeowner probably want to look into a solar battery combo. Which in this case makes you more energy independent and solar safe as we say. Now scenario #2 you live in the DC metropolitan area Ashburn Virginia for example, you have outages 1-3 times a year.

These blackouts last 1-3 hours your slightly inconvenienced but all in all the Grid is pretty stable. In Case #2 I’d probably lean more towards energy storage with the utility company. Sending power back to the grid and receiving free energy in the form of credits. Yes you will lose your Wi-Fi for an hour or two you’ll have to light some candles but the battery cost & battery usage really isn’t going to benefit the average homeowner in Northern Virginia. Now I love battery storage I have a Solar battery combo system myself. But in the grand scheme of things if i was looking to save as much money as possible and let my solar system work for me and not worried about outages I would go the solar only route.  So really when looking into Solar battery & storage and utility banking ask yourself what do I need in the event of an outage. If your answer is well just my fridge and my Wi-Fi and a lamp.  I’d possibly look into a gas run generator.

In Northern Virginia for example Fairfax Virginia, outages are rare, not frequent. Now if you are mining bitcoin in your basement you work for the government and you cannot AFFORD to miss work or electricity during the vent of an outage a solar battery is probably the route you want to go.  What’s great about Solar and Battery storage and all this photovoltaic technology is you can always add to your existing system. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so we suggest starting with a solar system. Take the leap to become energy independent by going solar and keep track of outages or blackouts in your area.  Solar Battery and energy storage technologies are steadily increasing inefficiency, storage & pricing which means solar homeowner now you can add a battery to your existing solar system when you think its necessary or when the price makes sense to add to your existing system.

Now taking a look at batteries working with your Renewable energy what does this mean when there is no outage and everything is running smooth and the weather is perfect? Great now your panels are powering your home any excess power your solar panels produce fills your battery to your preferred energy capacity and any excess power from there goes back to the utility company. So this means instead of using credits at night to power your home you’re running off your battery when you cooking that wonderful lasagna, watching tv & lol the lights in your house are on. So there are benefits to having a solar battery combination, not just for outages Or blackouts. Solar storage and solar battery combination systems are really your preference.

If you have a forever home you want to become as energy independent as possible then great look at our featured products page and check out our solar battery products. If you want to make going solar and energy storage and banking as efficient and save as much money as possible look into just going solar. It’s the same power, at a fraction of the cost. Solar makes sense any way you look at it. It’s obviously cheaper, cleaner & more efficient than what you are currently doing with big energy and your current utility provider. By going solar and storing your excess solar power in a battery great your now have your own mini utility. Solar storage and solar batteries are defiantly the future of homeowners harnessing their own power.

So if your going solar or already have a solar system or panels creating power for you take a look at Solar batteries and see what works for you. I always say going solar isn’t a one-size-fits-all for homeowners. Some people want to save all their power and have 5 solar batteries. Some homeowners just want a few selected items to work in the event of an outage. Maybe you just want to be your own mini utility and not rely on the government or the utility company any scenario Solar battery and energy storage is a good idea.  Letting your solar system work for you & having the peace of mind your battery will be there when you need it is a huge plus. Thanks for checking out our Solar battery article & stay Sunny!

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